Friday, June 6, 2014

World War II - D-Day 70th Anniversary

Radio station WBBM 780 am in Chicago presented a short program on WWII in honor of the 70th Anniversay of D-Day on June 6, 2014.

My father Clif Hullinger was interviewed. He fought all through World War II, beginning in North Africa and then the Italian campaign. The battles his unit fought in included Anzio and Monte Casino. He earned a battlefield Commission at Anzio.

Click to listen to the program

A few photos and stories about Clif below:

Sgt. Dan Harding took over Clif Hullinger's platoon when he made First Sgt.  The platoon was laying concertina wire in front of an infantry position one night. They saw two soldiers in a foxhole and moved the wire out to include them. 

Dan went over to them and asked them how it was going. They answered in German! Turned out it was a German outpost with two very scared recruits in it. Dan promptly took them prisoner and the barbed wire line made a sharp bend at that point.

The sketch was made for the Stars and Stripes in Italy in 1944 by Austrian born soldier-of-fortune, artist Rudoph Charles von Ripper. The sketch shows Sgt Harding of my platoon laying barb wire concertina at Anzio. Von Ripper drew this because the squad "fenced" in a German outpost before identifying them and capturing them.  The wire took a sharp job at that point!

Monte Cassino. Many Allied Divisions tried to take this mountain.  A very tough objective.

More about Clif's experiences in World War II at:

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