Friday, October 16, 2015

BIG snow in Chicago - 1967

Standing at the bus stop at 111th and Campbell I knew this was not an ordinary snow storm. I waited two hours for a bus that never came. It was Thursday morning, January 26, 1967. I needed to get to classes at the University of Illinois Chicago Circle campus. I didn't make it.

I gave up and walked the two blocks back to my home. Dropped off my briefcase and grabbed my camera. I ventured outside and took a walk in the snow. It was quiet. The snow was falling and there was very little traffic and no one to be seen walking about.

I took about a dozen B&W photos, mostly on or around Western Avenue, between 108th and 111th street. They show the snow and the lack of people or traffic. To this day, whenever I view any of my photos, I can relive that surreal feeling I got walking around as that historic snow fell on Chicago.

Charles Kuenneth MPHS Jan 66

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Marilyn Ruttenberg I remember that day only too well ❄️❄️❄️
Eileen Hirschberg Kuenneth We had 30 inches in Gary - schools were closed Friday and the entire following week.
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Terry Steczo I was right down the street at Marist High School trying to get home in a car with broken windshield wipers. Leaning out the passenger side window with a broom to keep the driver side window snow free in the middle of a huge blizzard was one of life's unforgettable moments.
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Loraine Polski Stillman That day, with Chi. Getting 24" of snow, Larry got a call telling him he was hired to work in Chi. We couldn't get into Chi., so a friend went and got us an apartment in Des Plaines. He had to climb through all of that snow. Even Minneapolis didn't get that much snow

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